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Mask Surf Everything

Mask Surf Everything is an online anonymity solution that allows you to go onlin
Publisher's Description:
Mask Surf Everything is a program that will allow you to surf the Web anonymously. Each time you connect to the Internet, you can be identified by a unique number called IP address. This number reveals the country you are from and the Internet Provider that you are connected to. This way, your activity on the Internet can be monitored, both by the good and bad guys. Also, some services can be only accessed from certain countries. For instance, Hulu can be only accessed from the United States; Spotify - from some European countries.

Mask Surf Everything can help you to keep your anonymity by using fake IP addresses, and can grant you access to services currently unavailable for your country, by using IPs from another country.

You can configure the program to use fake IP addresses for a specific application, such as Internet Explorer or Spotify. When using these programs, MSE will establish your network connections through secure tunnels. It will be impossible to identify you, or the country from which you are connecting to the Internet.

You can use the trial version of Mask Surf Everything for free for fifteen days.


It does a great job hiding your real IP address.


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